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One of the very few hospitals in the country with a dedicated multidisciplinary team of specialists, PEOPLE TREE Hospitals provides unique and comprehensive care for patients with joint disorders. We focus on all areas of orthopaedics and ensure the highest quality of care.

All our surgeons are highly experienced, rigorously trained and tremendously skilled in various aspects of joint replacement including revision joint replacement. In addition to the extensive training they received as part of postgraduation, they have also undergone advanced subspecialty training in India and foreign countries. They acquired invaluable skills by joining programmes known as fellowships. Armed to deal with any emergencies, the orthopaedic surgeons at PEOPLE TREE possess superior knowledge and expertise in their areas of subspecialization.

Hip Replacement options
  • Total Hip Replacement
  • Partial Hip Replacment
  • Hip Resurfacing
  • Revision Hip Replacement
Knee Replacement Options
  • Total Knee Replacement
  • Partial Knee Replacement
  • Revision Knee Replacement
  • Computer Assisted Joint Replacement Surgeries
Computer Assisted Joint Replacement Surgeries

Like in all other fields, technology has brought immense progress in healthcare. At PEOPLE TREE Hospitals we are committed to make use of technology in our pursuit to give our patients the best care. At our Institute of Orthopaedics, joint replacement is effectively done with the help of a cutting edge technology known as computer-assisted surgery (CAS). Other popular names of this technique are image-guided surgery and surgical navigation.

CAS is regularly practiced at PEOPLE TREE for extra-articular deformity correction during joint replacement surgeries. What makes PEOPLE TREE unique are our passion to employ the latest technology in healthcare and the experts who know how to use it for maximum result. Our patients who get their new joints at our centre enjoy the following benefits:

  • Appropriate assessment of the patients anatomy, deformity and pathology
  • Proper sized and better fitted prosthesis
  • Surgeries performed by minimally invasive approach
  • Better component positioning and better restoration of limb mechanics
  • Decreased dislocation rates
  • Decreased Surgical Trauma

In a nutshell CAS is a surgical technology that helps surgeons to ‘foresee’ the replacement components and their relationship to the bones and ligaments of the joint to be replaced. This is done with the help of a special camera designed to see the joint and limb and produce their images. Computer programs then integrate these images with surgical information and assist the surgeon during the operation

CAS can use actual images of the joint (X-rays/fluoroscopic, ultrasound or CT images) or can create virtual images of the damaged joint. Inputs to the camera and computer are fed by the surgeon about the normal and abnormal anatomic landmarks of the joint and limb. There are various ways in which the information can be transmitted. While some CAS systems use special cameras to identify and record the position of photo reflective spheres or infra-red light emitting devices, some other systems use ultrasonic devises to identify bony landmarks. For the surgeon it all comes handy when she uses these computer generated information and images to accurately and reproducibly reconstruct the damaged joint and limb.

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