Cinque Terre
Ms. Deempy Chowdary


Key Skills:
Audiology: Audiological evaluation (newborns to geriatrics), Audiometry, Impedance
Audiometry, Otoacoustic emission, BERA, ASSR STAT, SISI, Tinnitus evaluation
Hearing loss Rehabilitation
Hearing aid trial, and fitting Speech language pathology: Evaluation, Diagnosis and management of various Speech and language disorders (children to geriatrics)
Speech disorders such as Mis articulation, Stuttering, Cerebral palsy, Cleft palate, Dysarthria and Apraxia
Language disorders such as Aphasia, Autism, Specific Language Impairment, Learning Disability, Mental Retardation,
Voice disorders such as Puberphonia, Vocal cord paralysis, Spasmodic Dysphonia, Breathy voice, Harsh voice
Auditory verbal therapy

Professional Memberships:
BASLP & MASLP from JSS Institute of Speech and Hearing Mysore, Ooty road, Karnataka.
Dissertation on Development of syntax test in assamese speaking children under the guidance of Dr NP Nataraja
Worked in DY Patel Hospital, Mumbai & Kamlesh Child and Mother Hospital, Mumbai