Master's - Diploma

Masters / Diploma in Emergency Medicine(MEM/DEM)

OUR MOTTO: to equip an Emergency Physician with a strong academic background,leadership skills and a commitment towards holistic patient care,interdepartmental co ordination,communication and TEAM WORK


Emergency Care has been the hour of need in India for sometime now.

From CASUALTY to a full fledged Accident and Emergency Department, and from the concept of GOLDEN HOUR to PLATINUM MINUTES, Emergency Care true to its character has had a full fledged growth ,in leaps and bounds in the past few years.

The decrease in morbidity and lives saved due to the efficient emergency care has been tremendous.

Keeping this in mind, the Medical Council of India (MCI) recognised Emergency Medicine as a speciality in 2009.

The range of medical conditions seen in an Emergency Department is a huge spectrum, and always keeps you on your toes many many years down the road. The adrenaline rush and the job satisfaction on doing your part for the patients in their hour of need is unparallel.

The raising need for quality and efficient emergency care has led to the birth and development of a structured academic program for Emergency Medicine.

People Tree Hospitals, Bangalore is proud to have gotten into this web of growth and is eager and enthusiastic to do its share for the society in producing able and trained emergency physicians.

In a joint venture with Society for Emergency Medicine,India (SEMI) ,People Tree Hospitals is proud to announce the commencement of the academic program:Masters/Diploma in Emergency Medicine

What is MEM?

Masters in Emergency Medicine is a 3 year post graduate academic program with a structures curriculum in managing a spectrum of emergent medical conditions.

Why should I take up Emergency Medicine?

Lack of trained emergency physicians has created a huge crater in the quality care provided in the Emergency department across the nation. It is disheartening to know that concept of golden hour is still ineffective leading to a death every 3 minutes is due to a road accident according to a report by the Transport Ministry.

Every minute counts!!!
And being a well trained Emergency Physician we can make a difference. Make a difference in the outcome of a patient by improving their quality of life and saving a life.We can be a part of setting a trend in the growth of Emergency Medicine in India. People Tree Hospitals is happy to be part of this difference and trend and has launched a three year Masters in Emergency Medicine (MEM) Program in association with Society for Emergency Medicine, India (SEMI).

This program is aimed at training MBBS doctors to be an able emergency physician with a good future prospect. People Tree has a well trained and dedicated team of Emergency Physicians taking care of all ERs and EmergencyMedicine academic programs.

Who are the faculty?

The faculty will consist of trained emergency physicians having vast experience and following evidence based medicine and internationally approved protocols and guidelines.

Who is awarding this Degree?

The degree is awarded by People Tree Hospitals in association with SEMI [Autonomous Emergency body in India], which is a full member of International Federation of Emergency Medicine (IFEM).

What is the eligibility criteria for joining?

Students who have completed MBBS from an MCI recognized institution can apply for MEM.

About MEM training....

It is a full time with us for a period of 3 years and will be rotated to various emergency related departments for exposure and training.
The MEM resident will be paid a stipend during his training.

Academic Highlights

   Updated evidence based clinical practice

   Interactive bedside teaching

   Regular academic sessions in interactive classroom teaching

   Academic area with library and internet access

   Regular updation of logbook, assistance in creation of an academic portfolio

   Regular clinical appraisals

   Faculty who have been a part of National conferences

   Opportunity to participate and present in State and National conferences

   Parallel academic sessions for FRCEM Primary and Intermediate

   Guaranteed placements on completion of the Masters/ Diploma program


How to Apply?

   Download form

   Fill in the details with photograph

   Send scanned copy of the filled in form to (designated email id) along with a copy of updated resume

   You will get a receipt confirmation call/mail

   Date of interview/counselling shall be intimated

   Attend interview along with all valid documents

   Final selection list shall be displayed thereafter

Download Application Form




  1. Asha R
    Dr. Asha R.
    Emergency Medicine
  2. Dr. Sneha Kundoor
    Dr. Sneha Kundoor
    Emergency Medicine





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