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People tree hospitals is in an constant effort to minimise the hospital stay and maximise the patient comfort by giving the comforts of home at earliest to our surgical patients. Reduced time of hospitalization by Day care and Ambulatory surgeries are the efforts towards the same.

Patient comes for admission in the morning around 6am, undergoes the surgery in morning and goes back home by evening. Patient stays in the hospital for only around 12 hours. This is possible with improved Surgical techniques and better Anaesthesia.

Surgeries like the following can be performed as Day care

   Lap cholecystectomy

   Lap Appendicectomy

   Lap Hernia Surgeries

   MIPH(Minimally invasive procedure for haemorrhoids(Piles)/ Stapled haemorrhoidectomy

   Fissure Surgeries

   Breast Lump Excisions

   Small lump excisions etc

People\'s Centre for Advanced Laparoscopic surgery

Minimal Access Surgery (MAS) / Laparoscopic surgery/ key hole surgery refers to a specialized form of surgery that allows surgeons to perform surgeries with the assistance of a video camera and several fine long instruments through small cuts(1 to 1/2 cm), without making large incisions as are done in traditional (open) surgery. Today, almost 75% of abdominal operations can be performed by MAS.

Laparoscopic surgery is as safe as open surgical procedures sometimes better than open surgeries when performed by well trained surgeon. Better equipment’s and training has made the surgeries very safe. Certain Surgeries it is safer than Open surgery due to magnification and better visualisation.

We at People tree hospital are committed to provide quality Minimally invasive surgery to all.

Advantages of MAS/ Laparoscopic Surgery

   Less Pain as there is less trauma

   Faster recovery

   Better cosmesis

   Shorter hospital stay

   Fewer complications

   Better Clinical Outcome

   Early return to normal activity

   Early return to work

Commonly performed Minimal Access Surgerys are

   Bariatric surgery/ Obesity surgery

   Thoracoscopic surgeries

   All hernia surgeries

   Gall bladder surgeries

   Colon and Rectal surgeries

   Appendix surgeries

   Surgeries for Reflux diseases (GERD,Gastritis)

   Adrenal surgery

   Splenic surgery

   Liver surgeries

   Pancreatic surgeries

   Diagnostic laparoscopy

   Gastrointestinal Cancer surgeries

   Minimally invasive procedure for haemorrhoids(Piles) etc.




  1. Dr Muralidhar S K
    Dr. Muralidhar S K
    "MS {GS}, FNB {MAS}, FMAS, FIAGES Chief - Laparoscopic, Bariatric & G I Surgery"
    General Surgery
  2. Dr. Vijaya G
    Dr. Vijaya G
    MBBS, MS, MRCS (Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons)
    General Surgery
  3.  Dr. varadaraju
    Dr. Varadaraju
    General Surgery


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