Center for treatment of primary and recurrent Hernias

Centre for Laparoscopic(Minimally invasive) Hernia Surgery

A hernia is a weakness or opening in the abdominal wall, which often results in soft tissue such as fat or intestine protruding through the abdominal muscles and occupying space under the skin. It presents as bulges or swellings on the abdominal wall(Tummy).The opening in the abdominal wall that leads to the hernia is known as a hernia defect.

Hernias can happen in various parts of the body. The common ones occur in the abdominal wall. They are

   Inguinal hernias or Groin Hernias

   Ventral hernias

   Incisional hernias occur where prior abdominal surgery has weakened the abdominal wall

Surgery is the only recommended treatment for hernia

Open hernia surgery, The surgeon makes an incision directly over the hernia defect and fixes the prosthetic mesh to the abdominal wall to buttress the defect.

Minimally invasive hernia surgery or laparoscopic, approach performed while the patient is under general anesthesia. The surgeon makes small incisions, inserts trochars through the abdominal wall at some distance from the hernia defect. A mesh prosthesis is then passed through one of the tubes into the abdomen and fixed to the undersurface of the abdominal wall with special tacs. This technique is used for both small and large hernias of the abdomen.

Advantages- Less invasive, so better patient comfort

   Early return to work

   Cosmetically better

At People Tree Hospital we treat any type of Primary and Recurrent Hernias in the way that suits the patient.




  1. Dr Muralidhar S K
    Dr. Muralidhar S K
    "MS {GS}, FNB {MAS}, FMAS, FIAGES Chief - Laparoscopic, Bariatric & G I Surgery"
    General Surgery
  2. Dr. Vijaya G
    Dr. Vijaya G
    MBBS, MS, MRCS (Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons)
    General Surgery
  3.  Dr. varadaraju
    Dr. Varadaraju
    General Surgery


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