Bariatric Diseases

Obesity is gradually increasing in India. With increased processed food(Junk food) consumption and reduced physical activity the percentage of obesity has increased to epidemic proportion. Almost 15% of people in Karnataka are obese, most of them are urban population.

Obesity causes increased risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes (Type II), heart disease, stroke, gallstone disease and cancer of breast, prostate and colon etc. Morbidly obese are also subjected to social discrimination. This repeated mental trauma results in psychological illness such as depression. Discrimination at work and employment results in poor socio economic conditions. Morbid Obesity is a significant cause of preventable early deaths.

Bariatric Surgery is the surgical procedure on the stomach and intestines done it such a way that obese loose the excess weight. It helps them to reduce weight. It also cures or controls diabetes, hypertension and other comorbidities in a significant proportion of obese and prevents various health problems and hazards associated with obesity.

Bariatric surgery has been practiced for over 5 decades. With improvement of skills of laparoscopy, Bariatric surgery is being performed laparoscopically for the last 2 decades. It has been proved beneficial by various international trials.

Types of Bariatric Surgeries performed Commonly are

Gastric Bypass - This procedure works in two ways. Most of the stomach is closed off; leaving a small “pouch” that limits your food intake. The small intestine is rerouted slightly so that there is a change in how calories are absorbed by the body.

Gastric sleeve - Part of the stomach is removed, leaving a small sleeve-shaped stomach tube that limits food intake. Also, because the now-smaller stomach produces less of a certain “hunger hormone,” appetite may be reduced.

The Multidisiplinary team for Management of Obesity at People tree hospital Include

   Bariatric Surgeon

   Bariatric Anaesthetist


   Bariatric Dietian


   Psychologist and Psychotherapist




  1. Dr Muralidhar S K
    Dr. Muralidhar S K
    "MS {GS}, FNB {MAS}, FMAS, FIAGES Chief - Laparoscopic, Bariatric & G I Surgery"
    General Surgery
  2. Dr. Vijaya G
    Dr. Vijaya G
    MBBS, MS, MRCS (Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons)
    General Surgery
  3.  Dr. varadaraju
    Dr. Varadaraju
    General Surgery


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