In Accident and Emergency care, each moment counts. At PEOPLE TREE, we understand this better than anyone else. For us, ‘Platinum Minutes’ and ‘Golden Hour’ are not jargons meant to be thrown around, but rules of thumb to adhere to, strictly.

An army of saviours equipped with cutting edge technology

We have a dedicated team of highly trained doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff that provides state-of-the-art care to the critically ill using the most modern technology. We handle medical emergencies, surgical emergencies and paediatric emergencies. Ever since our inception, we have treated and cured patients across all ages who came to us seeking treatment for a range of emergencies varying from heart attacks to strokes and road traffic accidents. We realise the importance of maintaining the equation between clinical and non clinical skills such as effective communication, which is of critical importance in accident and emergency management. In any emergency, our first and foremost concern is to ensure better outcome for our patients.

As a hospital that gives a lot of emphasis on training, we at PEOPLE TREE make sure that each of our staff is knowledgeable about the latest developments in their respective field. This is especially true of our Accident and Emergency Department. Our doctors and nurses undergo periodic training on various aspects of emergency care. We conduct in-house training programmes to equip the team to handle medical and surgical emergencies to polytrauma. All our nurses are BLS trained with experience in handling cases involving the most critically ill and injured.

In the event of an emergency, pre-hospital care acquires a special place as handling patients at this stage well is critical in their chances of survival. At PEOPLE TREE, we ensure proper pre-hospital care using an ACLS ambulance that is fully equipped with well-trained emergency care nursing staff, experienced drivers, defibrillator and ventilator support. Other facilities in our department include a triage area, a resuscitation zone and ventilator support. To treat paediatric emergencies, we have the availability of paediatricians and orthopedicians round the clock. (SHOULD BE IN NEXT SENTENCE)

We adhere to international protocols and guidelines in treating all our patients to ensure best results and outcomes through well thought-out clinical pathways for acute emergencies.


We too prefer happy endings

On an average, we treat over 10,000 patients annually. While some of these cases are minor, some others are extremely complex. One such case we remember for the sheer magnitude of the injury is that of a 28 year old man. He had injured his abdomen and there was severe blood loss. Due to which, he suffered cardiac arrest. However, without losing hope, the entire emergency team together worked towards bringing him back to life. And we did, to our relief and his relatives’ joy! He underwent a surgery and his condition gradually stabilized. After two weeks, he went home walking, completely cured.

A culture that promotes learning

At PEOPLE TREE, we constantly strive to excel in whatever we do. At Our Accident and Emergency Department, our mission is to equip our physicians to take the lead. We imbibe in them a culture that gives importance to knowledge, leadership skills, commitment towards holistic patient care, interdepartmental coordination, communication and teamwork.

We are the first to host an Academic Meet of Society for Emergency Medicine, India(SEMI), Karnataka chapter. We constantly run campaigns to create awareness about different aspects of healthcare. We also run specialized clinics (Kindly delete this)and collaborate with other hospitals to conduct research and analysis. We are a part of the Heart Rescue India Project, that works towards improving cardiac care and reducing associated mortality, especially in peripheral centres.

The department, being an associate of the Society for Emergency Medicine, India (SEMI), which is a full member of the International Federation of Emergency Medicine (IFEM), is launching an academic programme , Masters in Emergency Medicine (MEM) from the academic year 2016 – 17.

Features and facilities

We have dedicated triage area for patient prioritization, exclusive advanced resuscitation bay equipped with resuscitation trolleys, biphasic defibrillators, non invasive ventilators, ventilators, access to bedside ultrasound machine, easy access to laboratory and radiology.

We are backed up by an efficient 14 bedded ICU facility with well trained critical care physicians.
We are well supported by the allied speciality of neurosurgery, neurology, paediatrics with 24/7 paediatric intensivist, orthopaedics,general surgery.


   Thrombolysis for acute ischemic stroke in consultation with neurologist/neurosurgeon

   Live saving interventions like intubations, cardiac pacing, defibrillations, central line insertions, ICD insertions are done in our A&E department

   CT scans, Ultrasound and X rays are in close proximity to the A&E department which minimises any time delay for patient care

   Bedside X rays , ECGs, ECHOs, Ultrasounds are available in the A&E department for critically ill patients

   Prompt ambulance services during an emergency call from within 40km radius

   Care for acute poisoning in synchrony with the critical care team

   Systematic approach to polytrauma patients according the international standard of Advance Trauma Life Support guidelines

The department is now associated with Society for Emergency Medicine (SEMI, India (which is a full member of International Federation of Emergency Medicine (IFEM ), and is launching a academic program , Masters/ Diploma in Emergency Medicine. (MEM/DEM) from this academic year 2016-2017.


ER Consultants:
PEOPLE TREE @ Chris: 1
PEOPLE TREE @ Raghavendra: 1

Medical Officers (MBBS Only):
PEOPLE TREE @ Yeshwantpur: 4
PEOPLE TREE @ Chris: 4
PEOPLE TREE @ Raghavendra: 4

Ambulance Drivers:
PEOPLE TREE @ Raghavendra: 1

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    Emergency Medicine
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    Emergency Medicine


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